Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Hunter Field Fund Established

New Hunter Field Fund Established  When we, John and Sandra Hunter, became aware that there were several serious Mission Needs for funding beyond our ability to support by ourselves, we worked with Source Of Light Ministries International to set up the Hunter Field Fund.

By Giving to Source Of Light Ministries, you know your gifts are
  •      Used for Ministry and Evangelism by Knowledgeable and Experienced Missionaries
  •      Are Managed for effective use, and Maximum Results for the Most Serious Needs
  •      You receive a tax receipt from a well established IRS recognized 501 C3 Ministry
And by Specifying the Hunter Field Fund, we will keep you UP TO DATE as to how your money is used.
  •      You will see Photos here on this site of the Missionaries, and people you are ministering to
  •      You will see Reports on Ministry Results and progress being made around the world
  •      As our Prayer Supporters, You will see how we are involved in the ministry.
Remember, Sandy and I get no money, and ask for no support for ourselves.  All gifts you send are to God for use Ministry and  Missions in the Field!      THANK YOU VERY MUCH   Your prayers are as important as the financial support you give.

Check out  www.sourcelight.org/  to see More.

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